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Dear Road Warriors:

Please forgive my being incommunicado. I have been diligently editing the next installment in the Highway to Hell Series, Sins of the Fathers, and am entering the homestretch in finalizing Jack Aitken’s next nightmare. I cannot help but feel remorse over what my “Abby normal” brain does to this poor fellow, but terrible things do happen to good people, right? More news will come soon about my next novel so stay tuned…

I wanted to share an experience I had over the weekend with you. I was at a graduation celebration and had the privilege of meeting, in person, someone who has purchased and read my debut novel, Route 666. This gathering was the first time I met face to face with one of my readers, Anne Debczak, and it was an exciting experience! What a thrill to speak with someone as invested in your book and its characters as you are!

It was genuinely flattering to hear Anne talk about my novel with such enthusiasm and describe it to others as a “page-turner” that she could not put down. Her excitement when I gave her a sneak peek at the book cover for Sins of the Fathers was very reassuring and confirmed that my instincts about that all-important decision were accurate.

Anne, thank you for your support, and if I can find a few more readers with your passion for my novels, I will be in excellent shape!

Until next time my friends, stay alert and stay safe!


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