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Embrace the Darkness: Writing Rule #2-Write About What You Know

Until creating this blog post, I did not realize that Mark Twain had given this piece of advice. I guess it puts me in good company! This motto influences virtually every aspect of my novels. My characters are composites, often based on family members, historical figures, or individuals from movies or television. For example, readers know that Louis and David Aitken are autistic. My sons inspire these characters, and Louis and David's behavior and mannerisms mirror my children's.

Northern Virginia, the primary setting for Route 666, and Coastal North Carolina, where Sins of the Fathers takes place, are familiar to me. I have spent meaningful amounts of time in both of these areas. The eerie woods outside Culpeper, Virginia, are based on my recollections of Onteora Boy Scout camp in upstate New York. Many of my readers have commented about looking up these places and being surprised that they are real.

If you are experiencing challenges getting started with your writing, try thinking about the people you know, the places you've been, and your personal experiences. I bet you'll soon be ready to begin your journey toward becoming an author.

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Very interesting and informative John!

Thank you for sharing!

Wishing you continued success as an Author; you are doing a great job!

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