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Today is April 1st, but this message from the road is no April Fool’s joke. Driving the Highway to Hell has its share of hair-raising experiences, but nothing is more unnerving than meeting up with a driver who is not paying attention to the road. Talk about scary!

It is very appropriate that April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, but reading this excerpt from Route 666 might give new meaning to the phrase “distracted driving,”

Jack rubbed his eyes and made sure to focus on the road. He glanced over to the seat again, and it was empty. Did I see what I thought I saw? It had to be fatigue, he thought. He tried to open the window again, but it wouldn’t budge. He glanced at the passenger side once more, and he almost lost control of the car.

In a split second, they somehow switched positions, and the leader from the burial mound was now driving the vehicle, Jack in the passenger seat next to him. Jack could feel the pure evil emanating from this figure. Its red eyes felt like they were drilling a hole right through him.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?” he yelled.

The entity started to laugh at him in that same menacing tone. The laughing grew louder and began to hurt Jack’s ears. Simultaneously, the figure was causing the car to weave in and out of its lane.

Finally, the sound of the laughter became too intense. Despite his instinct to grab the wheel and restore control over the vehicle, Jack’s hands instead covered his ears in an attempt to relieve the agony. Closing his eyes, he said a silent prayer as the car spun out of control. Jack screamed, but it was as if he made no sound. All he heard was that horrible laugh echoing in his head.

If I saw something like this artists’ rendition of the Demon Lord Lucius Rofocale, Jack Aitken’s unwanted passenger, in the seat next to me, I would forget about the road too!

A special shout out to my newest subscriber, Welcome to the Highway to Hell! Stay safe my friends!

J.D. Toepfer

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