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Too much change in one week for me! Spring starts tomorrow and I’m still trying to recover from that loss of an hour’s sleep from the conversion to Daylight Savings Time.

Speaking of sleep deprivation, according to the Sleep Foundation, dreaming is a part of a normal, healthy sleep cycle, but nightmares are the exception and if they occur frequently, they can become problematic. Disturbing dreams can cause a person to avoid sleeping which can worsen nightmares.

Unfortunately for Jack Aitken, in this excerpt from Route 666, he can’t escape his tormenter, even in his dreams:

Jack took a step backward. “You’re not my grandfather,” he said.

“How perceptive of you, Jack. I am sure this is all very confusing, but it is, in reality, quite straightforward. The carrot and the stick, Jack.”

“What are you talking about?” Jack asked skeptically.

“You already know all about the stick. You fail, your family dies. You are all damned for eternity. Simple. The carrot is an incentive. Fulfill the mission, and you get to hit the rewind button. Think about it, no autism or physical disabilities for your children. No financial difficulties. Every unrealized dream now fulfilled.”

A white light emerged from the darkness around the bridge. It transformed right in front of Jack into his wife, Amanda.

“Jack, darling, listen to what he is offering,” the apparition counseled. “This can all be over if you comply. Please do it for us. Do it for me.”

“You’re not real,” Jack emphatically stated as he climbed the wall of the bridge. “Amanda would never ask me to do such a thing for her.”

“Jack, don’t be a fool,” his phony grandfather said. “Haven’t you heard about what can happen when you fall during a dream?”

Amanda’s apparition answered, “You might not wake up at all.”

A steely-eyed Jack looked at the two imposters. “I’ll take my chances.”

He leaned backward, closed his eyes, and flung himself into the dark void below him.

Is it true? Does evil never sleep? A perplexing question indeed!

Route 666 is beginning to get crowded, but there is always room a few more travelers! Join us at A special shout out to my newest subscribers:

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