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Lighting The Fuse...

There may be dust on the dashboard of my “Silver Bullet” Ford Focus for now, but my return to the road is fast approaching! Just before midnight last night, I delivered the next installment in the Highway to Hell series for formatting. After several months of intense editing and weeks of proofreading, Sins of the Fathers is nearly ready for publication.

Not unlike your intrepid author, another character familiar to readers of my debut novel Route 666, is ready to make a return as well:

The long journey through sulfur-infested caverns poisoned the water and turned it into an acid bath capable of eroding metal. However, absorbing the caustic and toxic elements from the water only made the “being” tougher. During its repose, while the body was still, its mind communicated with the most wrathful of Masters. The planning and preparation of the two evil geniuses were now complete. The long months in seclusion were over; the vile sabbatical at an end.

Get Ready! The Wait is Almost Over!

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