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Sins Of The Fathers Book

Sins Of The Fathers Book


Isolated in the Carpathian Mountains lies Transylvania; a region whose history is steeped in hair-raising tales of the occult. Cryptids, mythical monsters, and other-worldly creatures are said to roam its mysterious forests and creepy ancient castles. Legends abound, but perhaps none are more unnerving than the curse of the Strigoi; a hellish vampire beast descended from the evil influence of the devil.


Centuries later, the supernatural horror of Romanian folklore has now reached the shores of Modern-day America. Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina has become ground zero in a series of horrifying murders with one chilling similarity; the victims have all been drained of their blood. Detective Bishop, from the cozy seaside town of Ocean Isle Beach, is asked to join the investigation, and when she senses demonic forces at work, she turns to Jack Aitken, the man she killed her mentor to save, but the only person she can trust.


After a shocking revelation about the destiny of his autistic sons, Louis and David, Jack and Anne find themselves confronting a familiar diabolical adversary and his relentless, demonic disciple while racing against time to save the world from the dystopian plans of Lucifer himself!

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