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Route 666, Highway to Hell

Route 666, Highway to Hell

SKU: Rte666Epub

"Ignorance is truly blissful. The more you learn about things, the more you’re going to wish you didn’t know.”

It is human nature to dream and plan for an idyllic future. Jack Aitken’s high hopes for his family and himself have fallen far short of his envisioned destiny. Random twists of fate have caused Jack’s dreams to be altered, postponed, or abandoned. Jack has played by the rules all his life, but living years on the knife’s edge has drained him mentally and spiritually. But he has a plan to change the trajectory of his life!

Chasing his dream of becoming an author, Jack completely throws himself into researching Route 666, a road closed by the government due to an unusual number of deadly accidents. Ignoring the warning signs and the pleas of his wife, Amanda, Jack uses an ancient map provided by a suspicious museum curator to search for a previously unknown Native American burial mound. Instead, he interrupts a satanic ritual and ignites a chain reaction of events that find Jack fighting his personal demons while in a life and death struggle with a malevolent being whose power rivals the devil himself.

Route 666 is a wild ride that will leave you breathless as Jack Aitken fights to save his family, his soul, and humanity itself from the essence of pure evil. About the novel’s thrilling conclusion, editor Emily Marquart stated, “I loved the twists and turns, and I honestly had no idea how it would pan out!”

Get ready to travel Route 666, the Highway to Hell!

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