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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

"I loved the three Rt 666 books! The CLIFFHANGER AT THE END OF book 3... I finished it at 4:30 this morning."

Last time, I shared a post about one of my less flattering reviews. After recently passing an important mile marker on The Highway to Hell, I thought I would celebrate something far more positive!

Recently, one of my dedicated readers e-mailed me these comments aver finishing my new release, The Gathering Storm. There is special feeling I get when someone takes the time to share how much they enjoy one of my books. Above all else, it's validation for all of the time and effort that is put into writing a novel. In addition to the personal satisfaction, Amazon reviews give credibility to my ratings. They help others discover and take a chance on me, the author, and my creation which is the Highway to Hell series!

Route 666 hits a milestone!

Route 666 received its 200th Amazon rating! 82% of these are 4 or 5 stars! This definitely puts "gas in my tank" to get started on book 4!

If you have anything, "the good, the bad, or the ugly", that you would like to share, please e-mail me at

Stay safe out there, and remember that there are no stop signs or speed limits on the Highway to Hell!

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