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Finding Redemption in a Dystopian World: A Christmas Carol

In the depths of my soul, a relentless battle rages on. As an author, my days and nights are consumed creating fictional worlds, leaving little room for personal indulgence. The pursuit of writing novels devours my time, leaving me with mere fragments to devote to other pleasures. However, one exception defies the constraints of my chaotic life - the annual pilgrimage to the haunting pages of my favorite book, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Within my possession lie nine versions of this ghostly masterpiece, each capturing the essence of Dickens' chilling narrative. The 1951 black and white film Scrooge, starring Alastair Sim, reigns as my favorite. Curiously enough, Jack Aitken, a kindred spirit, shares my sentiment. This eerie coincidence only deepens the enigmatic allure of this timeless tale.

A few years ago, my sisters gave me a gift that unraveled the secrets behind Dickens' work of art. The Man Who Invented Christmas, a remarkable account of the genesis of A Christmas Carol, has now become the sacred ritual that initiates the season for me. It is a movie that reveals the specters lurking in the corners of Dickens' mind, exposing the depths from which this haunting tale emerged.

But what about A Christmas Carol resonates so profoundly within me? In a word, redemption. Like Jack Aitken, I cannot deny that we all harbor a touch of Scrooge's cold heart within our souls. Yet, as Christmas approaches, it offers us a rare moment to confront our behavior, reflect upon our choices, and seek redemption. In these pages, we find solace and a flicker of hope that we, too, can rediscover the Better Angels of Our Nature, as eloquently put by President Lincoln in his inaugural speech.

As an author lost in the labyrinth of my creation, finding solace within the pages of A Christmas Carol is a precious gift. It serves as a reminder of the power of literature to captivate, haunt, and inspire change. This holiday season, let us delve into the charms of this timeless tale, embracing the opportunity for personal reflection and redemption. Join me in unlocking the secrets of Dickens' masterpiece, and together, let us navigate the path towards our own Better Angels of Our Nature.

What about you? Are you as moved by A Christmas Carol, or is there a different story that makes your holiday? E-mail me at or join me on Facebook

God Bless Us, Everyone:


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