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Updated: Feb 5, 2022

So, we turn another page…

A belated Happy New Year to my fellow travelers on the Highway to Hell!

It is always interesting to return to my manuscript after a lengthy hiatus. I’ve genuinely missed Jack Aitken and even his tormentor, the Prime Minister of Hell himself, Lucius Rofocale. With my creative juices now replenished and the holidays becoming but a memory, your intrepid author is turning his attention back to editing the sequel to Route 666; tentatively titled Sins of the Fathers

Before I begin, however, I do have a little sneak peek from the sequel that I would like to share with my readers. I’m not sure when people started naming winter storms like they do hurricanes. Still, as I write this, winter storm Izzy is barreling down on the Washington DC area, and Route 666 is under several inches of snow.

Speaking of winter storms, our tortured hero, Jack Aitken, faces one of his own. Here is a preview of what Jack will be facing in the aftermath of the tragic series of events that concluded Route 666.


The north wind slammed into the window over the sink, startling Jack back to the present. It had already been a long, cold winter, and while today had been Louis’s birthday, a blizzard, according to the local weather channel, the ‘storm of the century’ had been hammering Bristow for hours. Winter storm, Lucius. Jack shook his head and grumbled, “You can’t make this s - - - up.”

Lucius Rofocale had disappeared after Jack rebuffed his offer to resurrect Amanda. Anne had phoned Jack a few months ago to say that even the chatter among demons gave no clue about his potential whereabouts or what happened to him. There were even whispers in the demon community that he was dead. Jack didn’t believe that for a second. Jack feared that Lucius was out there, and it was just a question of time until his evil shadow appeared in Jack’s doorway.

Before I close, I wanted to give a special shout-out to and for bravely taking the entrance ramp onto Route 666. If you have friends who might be equally as daring, have them join us and sign up at Remember, there is safety in numbers!


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