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An Update From The Highway to Hell...

Where is J.D. Toepfer?

Several concerned parties have reached out about a decrease in "travel advisories" from The Highway to Hell...Fear not! There is a very good reason for the lighter than normal traffic on everybody's favorite haunted highway!


I have been working diligently on editing the next installment in the Highway to Hell Series!

The tentative title is "Sins of the Fathers".

A relationship forged in the crucible of Route 666 results in a promise to a friend that Jack must keep. Leaving Route 666 in the rearview mirror, at least for now, Jack and his family travel I-95 South to Coastal North Carolina and come face to face with an evil whose origins date back to the creation of mankind itself.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the editing process and even a sneak peak or two into Jack Aitken's next harrowing adventure.

If you haven't checked it out yet, please listen to the latest Page Turners Podcast with January and Jenna ( who discuss Route 666 in detail. I'm proud of the four-star review they gave my debut novel and anytime someone describes your book as "Stephen King Meets the Exorcist" you must have done something right!

Thank you readers for all of your support!


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