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The Book On My Nightstand-Smart Brevity

Say Less, Do More

I joined a book club at work earlier this year, and Smart Brevity was our first choice. The book's premise is that we've become a society that prefers bullets rather than big words. As an author, this flies in the face of everything I enjoy, but it is a lesson some of my reviews suggested I needed to learn. Dense and wordy were just two adjectives used, so I read the book with an open mind.

The chapter on using this thought process for social media posts was of particular interest and something that I am trying to apply, with mixed success so far, in my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts. The authors, Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen, and Roy Schwartz, are the co-creators of the online news outlets Politico and Axios, and the book's format uses their bulleted model.

So, how did I do? Was I able to say more with less?

Want to "Go Deeper," a phrase the authors use? Then click here and check out the book for yourself.

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