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It Ain't A Crime To Be Good To Yourself; Or Is It?

"It ain't a crime to be good to yourself!" Or Is It?

Paul Stanley, the front man for the band Kiss, wrote this lyric for their album Lick It Up. I think we would all agree that there is nothing wrong with having a good time and we all have to let loose once in awhile.

However, have you ever had an experience where your desire to reward yourself with a good time led to unexpected or even unfortunate consequences?

For Jack Aitken, the protagonist of Route 666, writing a book was an attempt to change the trajectory of his life and restore his mental well-being; an effort to be good to himself.

But as award winning author Terry Goodkind asserted, "The greatest harm can result from the best of intentions." An unfortunate reality that Jack Aitken realizes far too late.

The full extent of Jack's miscalculation can only be revealed when you read, Route 666. (

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